The Twitter Trial for Elon Musk will happen in October.

The continuing conflict between Elon Musk and Twitter could be resolved sooner than we all anticipated. Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick held a hearing today with representatives from both parties to determine whether the trial should be continued all the way to February of 2019. The Verge reports that Elons testing with Twitter will take place in October.

AS IF YOU WERE UNAWARE Elon made the decision to pay $44 billion to acquire the social media behemoth Twitter earlier this year. As tension increased between Elon and Twitter, we soon noticed minor leaks in the boat after the documents were signed. Some problems surfaced as the transaction neared its conclusion. First, there was the brief accusation of sexual harassment made against Musk. This appeared to put a halt to the transaction.

Though it didn’t. The issue with the prevalence of false, automated Twitter accounts was what ultimately made things happen. Elon was really interested in learning how many of those accounts are actually active on the network, but Twitter withheld the information. He desired a figure of less than 5% of the nearly 229 million daily consumers.

Advertisement Elon Musk said that his decision to walk out of the agreement was motivated by Twitter’s failure to divulge this information. The billionaire submitted a document to end the agreement on July 8th. This breakup was not well received by Twitter.

The business then filed a lawsuit against Musk to compel the transaction. Yes, Elon Musk is being pressured by Twitter to purchase it. It’s not just absurd; it’s also doable! Both the company and Musk employed some tenacious attorneys.

Speaking of Musk’s attorneys, they suggested that the trial be continued until February 2023. Twitter, on the other side, requested a September trial because it wants this case to be ended as quickly as possible.

Advertisement To decide whether the trial should take place in September or February, both parties conferred with Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick on Tuesday.

In October, THE TWITTER TRIAL WILL BEGIN. That brings us to the ultimate choice. It was decided at the hearing that the trial will take place between the two suggested trial dates. The date was only moved one month from Twitter’s original proposed date, therefore the compromise was more to Twitter’s advantage.

The trial’s duration was also altered as a result of the agreement. Twitter originally desired a short trial of four days. But after the hearing, it will last for five days. We’re not certain if that was ordered by Elon’s team.

Advertisement Elon and his group won’t have much time to complete their initial plans with an October trial. They will have to improvise since their plan was shortened by five months.

No matter when it occurs, we are still unsure of how this complicated trial will end. Twitter might or might not have a new owner. There is no way to know at this time.


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