The Top iPhone 14 Pro Cases Available Today

While the Catalyst Influence case can be used either way, the Catalyst Crux case is MagSafe compliant. The Crux, Influence without MagSafe, a second Crux, and Influence with MagSafe are shown in the image above. While the Influence is a simpler affair, the Crux adds reinforced edges to the package along with buttons that are difficult to press and a cutout for the quiet switch that is difficult to get into in order to really activate the switch.

Although the Crux claims to be MagSafe compatible, the ridge around the camera bump makes it difficult for the iPhone to rest comfortably on the Intelli Stand. The coils align just enough to start a charge when you literally hook the phone onto the stand using that ridge, but I wouldn’t count on that lasting all night.

The Influence situation, on the other hand, appears more subtly. On the corners, there is a cutout for impact resistance. Additionally, the Influence case features a nice knob that you can turn to turn on or off the quiet switch. You can still use the stand or the battery if you choose a case that is not MagSafe compliant. The accessories are activated by a tiny amount of magnetism that passes through the back of the case, but not nearly enough to keep them in place. Use only your lightning wire, if possible.

The Crux case on Amazon costs $50, while the Influence case, also on Amazon costs $40.

Two iPhone 14 Pro cases

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two iPhone 14 Pro cases

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three iPhone 14 Pro cases
Three iPhone 14 Pro cases
Four iPhone cases

Four MagSafe-compatible cases from Gear4 have names inspired by different locations: Denali, Santa Cruz, Milan, and Havana (seen above in that order). Zagg’s subsidiary Gear4 sells products under the Snap brand. Given that Snap is Zagg’s take on MagSafe, it seems sense that all of these cases are compatible with Snap (and therefore MagSafe).

The backplate of the Santa Cruz and Denali cases is thicker to make room for the bigger camera bump. Both fit more comfortably on the Step-Up charger as a consequence. The button covers on each case are also comprised of a slightly stiff TPU material. The back of the Milan in particular has a gorgeous green swirl pattern that makes me think of water.

All four cases are constructed of D30, a plant-based polymer that resembles TPU and is utilized in sports helmets, industrial machinery, and smartphone cases. Depending on the case you choose, the cases have drop protection ratings of between 10 and 15 feet. On Amazon, you can find the Denali , Santa Cruz , Milan , and Havana for $60, $31, $60, $40, and respectively.


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