The Top 7 Chrome Plugins (Extensions) of 2017

What if you could boost productivity while still getting a better internet experience? Thanks to Chrome extensions, you can. Check out our top extensions right away!

WHAT ARE THIS YEAR’S BEST CHROME PLUGINS (EXTENSIONS)? Do you know that there are more than 100,000 Chrome extensions ? It’s interesting to note that fewer than 2% of these extensions have 100,000 or more users. See our list of the top 7 Chrome extensions below to save time, increase productivity, and assist you with a variety of activities.

1. SIGNALHIRE SignalHire is a fantastic tool for recruiting and sales. You can quickly discover a person’s email, phone number, and social network profiles from their LinkedIn page using this Chrome extension. Simply access the LinkedIn profile for the individual in question, select the SignalHire extension, and select Reveal Contacts.

Advertisement If you work in sales or recruitment, you are aware of how challenging it can be to contact decision-makers. Using indirect channels of communication, such as a company’s customer service hotline, makes it even harder to acquire responses. You won’t ever have to be concerned about it again thanks to SignalHire. You’ll have immediate access to the mobile phones and emails of decision-makers thanks to this fantastic service. Download this number with email extractor right away to stop having your sales calls and emails ignored and watch your conversion rates soar!

ADBLOCK 2. How obtrusive are online ads? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to make them all vanish so you could enjoy browsing the internet? Here’s where AdBlock can be useful! AdBlock excels in blocking adverts and nefarious pop-ups and has an advantage over 60 million users . Installing this Chrome extension only takes a few seconds and is completely free.

You never have to see annoying adverts using AdBlock, and it also prevents you from unintentionally clicking on a harmful pop-up. This Chrome extension is fantastic since it identifies and disables advertising automatically so you can enjoy uninterrupted online browsing throughout the day. Additionally, you can toggle it on and off with the push of a button. If the extension happens to miss an ad, you may click on it to have AdBlock remove it right away. There is no need to be inundated with advertisements; download AdBlock right away to stop seeing adverts!

Publicity 3. BLOCKSITE Do you take a small 5-minute break and then find yourself sucked into YouTube or Facebook for the next 30 or even an hour? Unfortunately, this happens a lot and saps our souls of a lot of productivity. What if you were never tempted to leave your work to visit distracting websites? This is a fact with BlockSite, though!

You can block any website with BlockSite for a predetermined amount of time. You could, for instance, disable Facebook for 60 minutes while you work. You’ll be astonished at how much work you can complete when you stop monitoring your social media accounts or the news all the time. A free Chrome addon called BlockSite makes it easy to increase productivity.

MARINARA 4. Do you know about the Pomodoro Technique? Frank Cirillo developed the Pomodoro method productivity hack in the 1980s. Using this technique, you put in a solid 25 minutes of work before taking a 5-minute rest. You have a lengthy break once four 25-minute parts are finished. This technique has demonstrated to significantly increase input-output, as research has shown that people often work most effectively in short bursts before becoming easily distracted. Small breaks let you recharge and help you return to the productive state of mind.

Advertisement It can become tedious to constantly check whether your five minutes are up and to remember to set timers for 25 minutes. Here, Marinara steps in to save the day! A Chrome addon called Marinara takes care of all your timing requirements. There is no setup necessary; all you have to do is install Marinara to start using the Pomodoro method right away!

5. WRONG WORDS Do you constantly blunder with your grammar and spelling? Would you like to write better right away and spend less time editing? The solution is Grammarly, then!

With the help of the grammar and spelling checker Grammarly, anyone can write like an expert. This fantastic Chrome extension uses AI to assist you in writing better. Grammarly’s algorithm is continually improving and will soon rival Shakespeare in quality.

Advertisement Currently, Grammarly provides a free Chrome extension that edits your work in real-time and automatically. Your Google Docs work, social networking posts, and emails can all be checked. Install Grammarly today to rapidly improve your writing abilities and stop letting a careless spelling error make you look foolish in front of a client.

HUBSPOT EMAIL TRACKER 6. Did that potential customer get your email? Or did they read it and completely disregard you? Use HubSpot’s email tracker to find out right now. Every time one of your sent emails is opened, this wonderful Chrome extension will notify you, give you a timestamp, and keep track of how many times it has been opened. Once this extension is connected to your email and account, it simply takes a few minutes for all of your emails to be tracked automatically. Fear not—prospects won’t be aware that you know when they open your emails!

A fantastic sales tool is HubSpot’s email tracker because it helps you determine whether or not your emails are successful and get read. Sending a cold email and calling the recipient as soon as you receive notification that they have received it is an excellent sales tactic. Install the completely free HubSpot Chrome extension email tracker to start increasing your sales right away!

Promotion 7. FLASH VPN With regards to computer security, you can never be too safe. There are millions of hackers out there waiting to snoop on your computer and steal your money. You ought to utilize a VPN to protect your privacy.

You can securely connect to a public network using a VPN without risking the exposure of your device to malicious third parties. VPNs are also excellent for accessing geo-restricted content and for obscuring your online activities.

Flash VPN is something we advise using to stay safe online. You may right now get Flash VPN, a free proxy, from the Google Chrome Store. No hackers will be able to access your device with the use of this fantastic free proxy, and you can always hide your IP address. Increase your online security by giving it a try today!

Advertising is being WRAPPED UP! There is a Chrome extension for everyone, whether you work in sales and want to better your cold calling, a software engineer who struggles to focus, or a copywriter who needs to increase their accuracy. After reading our article, you are now aware of the top 7 Chrome extensions, each of which serves a distinct purpose but ultimately makes life a little bit easier. Download them right away!


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