The third-party “Miro” whiteboard tool has been added to Google Meet {Update: Live}.

Google Workspace aims to include third-party solutions into customers’ current workflows in addition to first-party apps. With Miro, Google Meet now offers an has another whiteboarding option.

Update 7/13/22: Miro is now ranked as generally available in Google Meet, as was said over a year ago. Without creating a Miro account, you can start a board and store it for up to 24 hours using this third-party online collaborative whiteboarding program called offers . Start by tapping the Activities (shapes) button in the Meet window’s lower right corner. The Add-ons section at the bottom of this list will include Miro.

After choosing a board, Miro launches, and the side panel lists all meeting participants and available Meet features. Without leaving Miro, you may communicate, raise your hand, take part in polls, and use all the Meet features you enjoy.

Many of the productivity and collaboration apps you already use want Meet to be integrated. The following three quarters will witness this.

All Google Workspace users can access it, as well as previous G Suite Basic and Business users. Users with personal Google Accounts may access this Not accessible to those under the age of 18 or those who have a Google Family Link Account. Original as of 8/4/21 Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are already integrated into the collaborative whiteboard offered by Miro. One shared space can be used to see and manage all the components of a project by embedding shared documents for rapid viewing and modification. You can add sticky notes, emoji, and timer tools, for instance, and draw connecting lines between files.

Additionally, Docs, Sheets, and Slides seamlessly sync between both applications so that you are always working with the most recent content. You can even save your Miro boards to Drive.

Another possible integration enables you to include Miro boards in Google Calendar invitations so that everyone attending the event has the information they need to get to work.

Early in 2022, Google Meet and Miro will connect to give users access to a whiteboard during calls. People’s video streams are displayed on the right panel, and Miro is displayed as a Collaboration activity on the left.

Users will soon be able to initiate a Meet call straight from their current Docs window through a similar panel UI, which is comparable but slightly different from the present method (seen below). Google is continuing to work on increasing the availability of Meet by opening up to third parties.

Miro is a little more productivity-focused than Jamboard, a Google software that is already incorporated into Google Meet as a collaboration tool and has a sizable user base in the education sector.

Use the Miro app in Workspace with your current login information, or register for the Workspace and Miro to begin utilizing the complimentary versions simultaneously.

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