The secret power of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Using the route tracking capability

Although we’ve previously covered the key distinctions between the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro, there is one feature we haven’t paid much attention to. The Route tile is that function, which enables you to plan and adhere to particular itineraries for cycling, walking, and hiking. Actually, Routes may be the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s secret training tool. You can follow the instructions in this tutorial to create a personalized path for your journey.

The Route tile may be the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s best feature, despite the fact that there aren’t many differences between the two models. The Pro model is designed more for rigorous use than anything else, making it ideal for anyone who want to track long walks or bicycle journeys without having to give a thought to battery life.

ON THE WATCH 5 PRO, THE ROUTE TILE The Route tile, which is more of a widget than anything else, contributes to the Watch 5 Pro being so well-suited for that. To the right of the watch face is where you’ll find the Route tile. Finding it should be made easier by swiping across the tiles. If necessary, you can tap and hold it to bring it toward the home screen.

You may create and follow particular routes on your workouts with this function, whether you’re going for a fast bike ride, hike, or run. The Route function can be considered more of a complement to the Workouts tile. Basically, starting a route will start a few things in motion.

It starts an exercise for you right away. With that, it will monitor both the length of your exercise and your heart rate. It will then start tracking your location while displaying the route you’ve chosen. During a run or trek, this aids in maintaining your direction.

IMPORTING AND SAVING ROUTE INFORMATION FOR THE GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO You must first load the route onto your watch before you can even decide which path to hike or run on. Two strategies exist for doing this:

Add a GPX file to your gadget You can save your own route. GPX files are excellent resources to use. They are precise, simple to operate, and have many applications. Unfortunately, GPX files frequently include a price tag. You can get GPX route files from apps and websites like for a fee, typically in the form of a membership.

The latter form, however, is absolutely free and not too difficult to complete. The disadvantage of this approach is that you must first trek or cycle a trail or route without your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro directing you.

A GPS route can be recorded on a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Start a workout on your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro that has a GPS symbol at the top. To the right of the main watch face, there should be a Workouts tile. Select one of the suggested exercises or click More. Walk, hike, or ride a bike the desired path after the training has started. Swipe to the left and select Finish to complete the workout when you arrive at your destination. When you’re done exercising, the route will be saved in the Samsung Health app associated with your account. From there, saving the route and downloading it to your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are simple processes.

A ROUTE LOADING GUIDE FOR THE GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO Enter the Samsung Health app on the phone that is synced with the Watch 5 Pro. Tap View history on the Excercise tab. Find the exercise you just finished, then tap it. A route should be visible. Tap the “more” button at the top. Change the name to something you’ll remember, then click Save route. Restart your Samsung Gear S3 Pro.

Route tracking Samsung Health
Route tracking galaxy watch 5 pro

You should be able to swipe to the right, where the tiles dwell, to access the Route tile after restarting the watch. Now there ought to be a path listed for this tile. You may obtain an overview of the route by tapping it.

THE ROUTE TILE IS USED When you touch Start on the route, your Watch 5 Pro will launch the workout that you had initially recorded. For instance, you’ll start a hiking workout if you marked the trip as a trek. It will start a cycling exercise if you recorded it as a route for cycling.

Advice: On the route information screen, select Reverse route if you recorded a one-way journey. Once the path is started, you will be at the finish and moving toward the beginning. For proper navigation to your location, this is crucial.

galaxy watch 5 pro route tracking

It’s possible that you’ll wish to change your preferences after starting a route. The Watch 5 Pro will provide you with auditory directions while you’re traveling. This may be really useful to you or quite unpleasant. In any case, you should navigate to the options in the Route tile and select your selection. Swipe left after beginning a workout to see Settings. You can then switch the audio guide on or off.

Overall, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s Route tile and feature set is a wonderful addition. This feature might persuade you to purchase a Watch 5 Pro if you are on the fence. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a wonderful addition for any outdoor enthusiast and workout because of its three-day battery life and superior route tracking tools.



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