The Roborock Q5 is available for only $499.

The Roborock Q5 is currently on sale on Amazon. Its current price of $499 is identical to the one from Prime Day earlier this month.

You must clip the $200 off coupon on the page to receive this pricing, which reduces the cost to $499.

The Roborocks Q5 is nearly identical to the Q5, except it does have the auto-empty trashcan. Your vacuum will therefore automatically empty the bin for you as it docks. It can easily hold up to 7 weeks’ worth of dirt and trash. Additionally, it includes a few additional dustbags.

Advertisement Undoubtedly, the Roborock Q5 will be the brand’s most well-liked robot vacuum. The majority of other robot vacuums that cost twice as much have less suction power than this one, which is 2700Pa. This implies that it can quickly remove dust and debris from your home’s floors. Additionally, it has carpet boost, which will increase the suction as necessary once it recognizes that it is on carpet.

It makes it simple to map out your home and clean every square inch without missing a spot because it employs the same LiDAR system as its other robot vacuums. As of early this year, the S7 MaxV introduced new 3D mapping, which is also included here.

The Q5 can run for roughly 180 minutes on its fairly sizable internal battery before requiring recharging. It can clean an area of around 3,230 square feet. Additionally, it contains a 470ml dustbin, which is quite sizable. That is around 120 ml more than the majority of dustbins.

Advertisement You can program routines and schedules via the app, as well as connect it to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, much as with other Roborock robot vacuums. So you can operate the Roborock Q5 with your voice, which is really cool.

Today by clicking here on Amazon, you may purchase the brand-new Roborock Q5 robot vacuum.
Roborock Q5 – Amazon


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