The Real Reason for the Low Resale Value of the Nissan Leaf

CarEdge’s depreciation calculator estimates that after just one year of ownership, the value of a brand-new Nissan Leaf will decrease by 13%. It becomes ominous after five years. A Leaf will suffer a 44% loss at that time. That is almost half of the lost value. However, a Tesla Model 3 will only lose 21% of its value after five years of ownership. Even though Chevy’s Bolt EV’s performance over five years is just 27%, it still outperforms the Leaf in terms of value retention.

Why does the value of a Leaf plummet as soon as you drive it off the lot? You need to consider Nissan as a whole. Consider the popular Nissan Altima as an illustration. The MSRP for a brand-new base-model Altima starts at $24,900. That value will plummet to just over $16,000 after only five years of ownership. That is a 35% reduction. Similar midsize vehicle, the new Honda Accord, only decreases by 21% over five years.

The logo on the front is what creates issues, not the Nissan Leaf specifically. The Leaf is not your best option if you plan to sell your electric vehicle a few years after purchasing it. However, if you intend to use it until the tires fall off or the battery dies, a used Leaf could be a fantastic EV deal.


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