The Prime Day power station discounts from BLUETTI start at $249 (up to $300 off).

It’s time for BLUETTIs power stations to enter the game with Prime Day 2022 having finally arrived with some of the best discounts of the year across a wide range of product categories. BLUETTI is now offering up to $300 off a series of its most well-liked portable power stations to keep your gear charged up in the woods or to keep you and the family safe during emergency situations. The company offers a variety of models to meet the needs of everyone from casual campers to hard-core off-grid adventurers. Almost all of the businesses’ most well-liked solutions are now available for Prime Day 2022, starting with entry-level models staring from $249 and going all the way up to more premium systems with modular batteries and solar capabilities. For a closer look, go below.

DEALS FOR BLUETTI POWER STATION’S FIRST DAY First up, let’s take a look at the BLUETTI AC200P portable power station, which offers AC outlets, USB-A, USB-C, a cigarette lighter connector, a 12V/3A DC port, and more to your campsite. With the brand’s safety-focused LiFePO4 battery inside, which can charge to full capacity in under 4 hours to support its up to 2,000Wh capacity, this model is now being offered for Prime Day at the lowest price it has ever been at. The pair of 15W wireless Qi charging pads are a handy addition to keep your Android tablets and smartphones charged up without the use of cables.

Here are a few of the salient characteristics:

Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000W AC (4,800W Surge) 2,000Wh Maximum Battery with 3,500 Life Cycles and 80% Efficiency 17 Outputs To Support Several Devices (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead battery/Dual AC/AC Solar) 7 Ways to Recharge Maximum Solar Input: 700W Fast Dual Charging at 1200W Max (Solar AC Adapter Together) Gas-free, quiet, green, and cost-efficient Portable Power Station BLUETTI AC200P $1,499 (Reg. $1,599 )

OR ELEVATE IT WITH THE BLUETTI MODULAR AC200MAX. The company’s AC200MAX model takes it a step further with the BLUETTI modular battery system, which enables you to swap out different batteries to make carrying it a little easier, adapt the setup to the demands of each situation, and enhance its capabilities in the future without having to buy a completely new power station. Other noteworthy features include:

2,200W AC Inverter for pure sine waves (4,800W Surge) LiFePO4 Battery with a 2,048Wh Capacity and 3,500 Life Cycles to 80% Expandable With the 2B230, up to 6,144Wh, or 8,192Wh with the 2B300 7 Recharge Methods: AC, Solar, Car, Generator, Lead Battery, Dual AC, and AC Solar Fast Dual Charging (Solar AC Adapter) at 1300W Max from Solar Input at 900W Max Intelligent Control and Monitoring via the BLUETTI App The AC200MAX, which has a total power capacity of 8,192Wh, can accommodate two BLUETTI B230 batteries or the larger B300 batteries. It also offers a variety of I/O options, such as a built-in 30A (RV plug), AC outlets, a 12V/30A DC connection, and a series of USB-A/C ports. It has seven various ways to recharge the batteries, and it has two convenient 15W wireless charging pads so you can quickly and simply power up Qi-compatible devices.

$1,799 (Reg. $1,899) BLUETTI AC200MAX

B300 COMBO AND AC300 POWER STATION BLUETTI However, the BLUETTI AC300 power station and B300 combo Prime Day price decrease is undoubtedly one of the most significant offers this year because to its 3,000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 24/7 UPS backup power capabilities, 240V Split Phase Bonding innovation, and a theoretical total 12,288Wh capacity. This package provides some considerable power with a scalable modular architecture that can accommodate as many as four B300 battery modules, and is now marked down to $3,399 off the original $3,698 price tag (or eight if you employ the brands Fusion Box Pro). The BLUETTI AC300 includes six 120V/20A outlets, a 120V/30A TT-30 outlet, a 100W max USB-C connection alongside four USB-A types, auto and RV DC options, and the handy 15W Qi charging pads that we previously mentioned in addition to app control and the front-mounted display. And because it can accept a maximum of 2,400W of solar charging, it can be refueled in around 1.5 hours.

Depending on your needs, the inverter can change the charging rate via wall outlets from 1800W to 3000W. By connecting the wall outlet and solar panels, you can fast charge the AC300 at a rate of 5,400W maximum, greatly reducing the amount of time required for charging. Two AC300s can be connected in series to the Fusion Box Pro(P030A) for a 240V/6,000W output and a combined capacity of 24,576Wh (4 B300s for each AC300). You may connect the AC300 power system to your home grid using the BLUETTI Smart Home Panel. Always be ready in case there are power disruptions.

AC300 power station and B300 combo from Bluetooth $3,399 (Reg. $3,698)

Here are the remaining BLUETTI Prime Day specials for you to peruse. After July 13, 2022, the prices of all of these agreements will increase again:

$249 $1,899 FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate links. BLUETTIs power stations 0

BLUETTIs power stations 1 BLUETTIs power stations 2


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