The price of this Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug bundle is really low.

At Prime Day, Amazon is offering several of its smart home items for incredibly low prices. Including this ridiculously cheap package for an Amazon Smart Plug and an Echo Dot from the 4th generation.

This bundle’s list price would be $75. However, they receive some extremely large discounts because it is Prime Day and because the devices are Amazon smart home products. Given that the discounted price is now just $24.99. If you’re unfamiliar, the Echo Dot is a smart speaker that enables voice control of a variety of linked smart home devices.

Additionally, the speaker may be used to play games, check the weather, and much more. You can do anything with it—turn the lights on or off, lock the doors, brew some coffee, etc. This device probably has the potential to sync with other linked smart devices in your home for voice control. The smart plug is exactly what it sounds like it is.

Advertisement You can use this plug to transform non-smart objects into smart objects. However, this only affects whether they are turned on or off. However, it is useful for everyday appliances like TVs and lamps. This package is available in Charcoal, Glacier White, or Twilight Blue for $24.99.

Another 4th generation Echo Dot bundle offered by Amazon includes a smart thermostat. Additionally, this bundle is now only $61.98. Alternately, you may get the smart thermostat alone for $41.99. A smart thermostat is the one smart item you should purchase. since they can enable you to annually save money on electricity.

With the Echo Dot Kids and the Echo Glow, there are even a few bundles available for children. Available in the Panda and Tiger versions for $35.99.

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