The PlayStation edition of the Backbone One Controller is now available.

This morning, Sony announced via AA1 that it had teamed up with Backbone to create a PlayStation Edition of the Backbone One controller. The Backbone One’s original design is largely carried over into this version. with a few course adjustments. After all, this is a PlayStation controller with proper licensing.

Most significantly, the DualSense controller for the PS5 served as an inspiration for the design. First of all, it shares the same white color scheme as the console. Even the d-pad and action buttons look to have a jewel-like pattern. The extensible bridge’s back has the PlayStation logo imprinted on it as well.

The action buttons also include the identical square, triangle, circle, and cross symbols as a genuine PlayStation controller, which is the final feature and should not be a surprise. The only restriction on using this controller is that it only works with iPhones, at least for Android users.

Advertisement The PlayStation One version of Backbone is only available for iPhones


Given that the original Backbone One was an iPhone-only device for a while, this isn’t altogether unexpected. In fact, you can now get the original version on Android. With that in mind, perhaps there is a potential that Backbone will eventually create an Android version of the PlayStation Edition.

The PlayStation One Backbone One Edition is designed to be used with PS Remote Play. However, it also functions flawlessly with mobile games. even further cloud gaming choices like GeForce NOW. The controller has exactly the same features. It still has a headphone port and offers passthrough charging. However, the Backbone app now has a new section dedicated to PlayStation-only content.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition went on sale today from Backbone for the same $99.99 pricing. And if you access PS Remote Play on your iPhone, this might be the obvious choice for a mobile controller. Along with purchasing it directly from Backbone, you may also do it on

Advertisement Razers Kishi V2, another excellent choice if you’re not specifically searching for a mobile controller with a PlayStation vibe, is also available. It also functions with Android.

Backbone One PlayStation Edition


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