The PlayStation 5’s Accolades feature is being removed by Sony.

According to a recent report from Eurogamer , the PS5’s awards function would no longer be available. For those who weren’t even aware this feature existed, Accolades was a tool designed to reward excellent online conduct. The concept was that if you participated in a multiplayer game, someone could secretly commend you depending on how you conducted yourself.

Being helpful, being a good sport, being a leader, and being hospitable all received praise. Theoretically, accumulating these may make you seem like a fun person to play with. Since once you acquire them, they will be visible on your profile. Accolades, according to Sony, was an underused feature. Observing that it wasn’t utilized as frequently as the corporation had hoped.

Given how difficult it was to find accolades, this is perhaps not surprising.

Advertisement THE PS5’S ACCOLADES FEATURE WILL BE DELETED IT FALLS Awards won’t be around for very long because Sony plans to take them off the feature list this Fall. Sony claims it will shift its attention to other areas. However, it also motivates players to keep wishing each other well.

In general, receiving praise was a good idea. And other games that use them have had success with similar systems. For instance, in Final Fantasy XIV, you can earn player accolades for taking part in raids and dungeons. You can get titles, minions, and mounts as in-game rewards by acquiring them. And the rewards become better as you unlock more.

And perhaps this contributes to the problem with Sony’s accolades. Players received no inherent reward. Not that you should be paid in online games for acting decently. Just be decent, please. However, the appeal of an incentive undoubtedly has a way of persuading participants to be and perform better.

Advertisement Beyond the option to display Accolades, Accolades didn’t actually offer much. The less-than-ideal utilization figures were undoubtedly brought on by this, combined with the fact that many players probably didn’t know where to find them.

In either case, Accolades on PS5 won’t be available for very long. So, if you liked this feature or system, take use of it while you can.


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