The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Get The New Magic Eraser Feature From Pixel 6a

The most recent Magic Eraser function, which debuted on the Pixel 6a, is now available on the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Of course, we’re referring to the Camouflage feature, which Google first described in May.

THE PIXEL 6 ANDAMP; 6 PRO WILL NOW FEATURE A NEW MAGIC ERASER FEATURE. After taking an image, you can remove items with Magic Eraser. In this manner, you can get rid of background characters, unnecessary items, etc. With this new capability, you can really alter the color of those items, which is a step farther.

In other words, a single tap will conceal those items. Please be aware that you cannot select the color you want it to be; instead, it will merge with the background. That will be taken care of by Google’s AI.

Advertisement How does this help? Well, you can just reduce the pop-out of various objects. The Camouflage option comes in handy if there is a particularly shiny object in the frame that you want to maintain but hide from view.

The option was available to many Pixel 6 users, as well as Google confirmed it on Twitter. You may view that tweet by clicking the link below. Here, the confirmation is plain to see, along with a brief explanation.

@GooglePhotos ‘s Magic Eraser has just been more magical.
Advertisement Distractions are still manageable (bye)
Additionally, you can now alter an object’s color and brightness so that it blends in (what could be cooler)

On your #Pixel6 , Pixel 6 Pro, and #Pixel6a , try it out right now.

Promotional Material Created by Google (@madebygoogle) July 29, 2022

SO YOU USE IT IS HOW How would you employ it? Open the Google Photos app on your Pixel, then select Edit and Tools from the drop-down menu. The Magic Eraser feature is seen there. The option that lets you select between concealment and erasure won’t be there.

Advertisement Simply mark the area of the image you want to conceal by selecting the camouflage option. The rest is up to Google. Just save the picture after that. But keep in mind that, as is generally the case, the photo you’re editing will need to be taken using a Pixel phone.

This feature is being rolled out, and it might potentially be available to all users. If not, don’t worry; you’ll have it soon enough. However, it appears to be a server-side switch.


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