The People Behind Destiny Are Making A Mobile Game

We are all familiar with Bungie as the studio behind the Halo and Destiny games. This corporation is in charge of keeping millions of players glued to their consoles and computers, but it has yet to reach the mobile industry. The Game Post claims that Bungie is in fact developing a mobile app.

Bungie isn’t tackling this alone just now. It enlisted the aid of NetEase Games, a significant Chinese technology company. Since 2018, this firm has owned a small portion of Bungie. These two businesses are working together to create the game.

The Game Post discovered this information on LinkedIn. One NetEase Games employee’s profile stated that they collaborated with Bungie on an undisclosed FPS mobile game.

Advertisement Even while that expresses the scenario well, there is more to it. According to a person with direct knowledge of the situation, this game will take place in the Destiny universe and has been in development for nearly two years.

In actuality, The Game Post covered the incident last year. For those interested in creating a mobile game for the Destiny series, NetEase Games has released a job listing. This indicates that the game is actively being developed, but no release date has been announced.

What to expect from the mobile game “Bungie” There isn’t a lot of information currently accessible about this game. This game will be an FPS, as was previously announced. We can assume right away that it will be similar to Apex Legends Mobile and other games in that genre. You should, however, consider that with a grain of salt.

Advertisement We do know that this game will certainly take place in the Destiny universe, which is an intriguing information. Its plot won’t be connected to Destiny 2, suggesting that this may have a spin-off plot. We’ll have to wait for further details about this game before we can confirm that.


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