The over $799 Meta Cambria AR/VR headset is referred to as a “Chromebook for the face.”

Project Cambria is a high-end mixed reality headgear that Meta has been hyping for a while; according to a recent report, it’s like a Chromebook for the face.

Today, The Information disclosed that Meta intends to introduce four headsets during the following two years. Cambria, which was teased alongside Facebook’s rebranding as Meta back in October, is where it all begins. Due to supply chain challenges, it didn’t launch last year as planned. Mark Zuckerberg recently stated in an interview with during an earnings call that the app is aiming to replace laptops and office equipment in some business use cases.

High-resolution image quality for reading text is especially mentioned here with the idea that users will use it to send emails or write programs. Because it is a mixed reality experience, external cameras can be used to view your surroundings in full color with comparable quality.

According to a person with knowledge of the situation, Reality Labs employees occasionally refer to Cambria as a laptop for the face or a Chromebook for the face.

Given the lack of native Android apps, it appears that the description of the Chromebook is referring to how Cambria will be able to run web-based tools and services accessible through the Metas VR web browser (versus desktop).

The data also provided some information on pricing:

According to two persons with knowledge of the situation, Cambria will probably cost roughly $799. But according to a Meta representative, the cost would be far greater.

A second iteration of Cambria, code-named Funston, is being developed by Meta for 2024. Notably, Google anticipates releasing Project Iris, its first mixed reality headset, at that time. That would imply that Google is already in competition with devices that are second generation and whatever Apple has planned for this year or next.

Stinson and Cardiff, two less expensive Quest headsets being developed by Meta for availability in 2023 and 2024, respectively.
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