The OnePlus 10T charges how quickly?

Comparing the new OnePlus 10T to the 10 Pro, which was unveiled back in April, reveals a significant improvement in charging speed. Just how quickly? It has a 150W rating. The OnePlus 10 Pro was only 80W in contrast.

It will only be 125W in the US for charging. And the US’s electricity is the key here. While most of the rest of the world uses 220V or 240V outlets, the majority of US outlets are 110V or 120V. it can handle the 150W charging more quickly. To be prudent, OnePlus is only allowing 125W of power for the 10T in the US.

HOW SOON WILL MY ONEPLUS 10T RECHARGE TO 100%? According to OnePlus, it should only take 20 minutes to charge from 1 percent to 100 percent.

Advertisement And it takes roughly 10 minutes to charge from 1 percent to 65 percent.

In India and Europe, it will be a little bit faster, but not much. To basically get a full charge for a smartphone in less than 20 minutes is still really astounding. Taking into account the fact that many other phones still need at least an hour to fully charge If necessary, this will make it much simpler to recharge your phone before going out for the evening.

The OnePlus 10T does not support wireless charging, hence the only available charging method is the supplied charger.

Advertisement Speaking about that charger, every 10T purchase from OnePlus comes with a 160W charger. It won’t charge at 160W anyplace in the world, despite that. This will guarantee that you always receive the maximum speed. It’s also vital to remember that the price is the same in India, Europe, and the US. Therefore, you may bring your charger and take advantage of the quicker 150W charging if you travel abroad with your OnePlus 10T. It is unquestionably a fantastic addition to this.


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