The OnePlus 10 Pro Will Get Oxygen OS 13 First.

Despite OnePlus ‘s extensive promotion of Oxygen OS 13 prior to today’s event, it is not actually available today. Which shouldn’t be shocking given that it will be based on Android 13, which has not yet been released. Instead, OnePlus stated that the Oxygen OS 13 update will be applied to the 10 Pro first later this year. The OnePlus 10 Pro would be the first device to receive the upgrade, but OnePlus did not provide a particular release date.

Unexpectedly, the OnePlus 10T won’t be the first to arrive. And ultimately, that boils down to how the two phones are different. The 10T from OnePlus is primarily focused on performance and is somewhat of a less expensive flagship. While the OnePlus 10 Pro is more focused on being the greatest flagship on the market overall.

Based on Android 13, OXYGEN OS 13 Google hasn’t yet made the stable build of Android 13 available, but OnePlus has already had access to the Android 13 source code. Therefore, we still have a few weeks to wait before it arrives on Pixel devices, let alone when it will on OnePlus devices.

Advertisement This upgrade ought to go more smoothly than the one for Oxygen OS 12 from last year. which was the first time the Oxygen OS and ColorOS platforms were combined. And the OnePlus fan base didn’t take kindly to that. Since OPPO’s phones essentially transitioned to ColorOS, However, OnePlus has now separated the two operating systems, albeit they will still have a same foundation. You will therefore receive Oxygen OS rather than ColorOS. which is really lovely.

Hopefully Oxygen OS 13 for the OnePlus 10 Pro will launch as soon as possible. And the OnePlus 10T will get it soon after. So bear it in mind when making a purchase.


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