The official internal codename for Android 14 is… Inverted Cake

Google has disclosed the official codename for Android 14, which Google is internally calling Upside Down Cake for the 2023 release.

Every year, Google assigns its most recent major Android version a fun codename that is themed by a dessert and goes on from there. These codenames used to be the official titles of each Android release, including recognizable brand-related names like Android KitKat and Android Oreo.

With the introduction of Android Q, a letter for which there isn’t a clear dessert option, things became a little messier, as you might anticipate. In the end, Google chose Queens Cake for that year, but the name of the public Android version has since changed to a simple integer.

However, Google has kept up the internal tradition of naming each release’s dessert while it is still in development. For instance, Android 12 was referred to as Snow Cone, whereas this fall’s release of Android 13 is known as Tiramisu.

Google’s internal codename for Android 14, or what would have been Android U, is officially Upside Down Cake, according to a new code change that was uploaded to the Android Open Source Project. This is written in the code as the single term UpsideDownCake.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting one, an upside-down cake is a cake where the cake batter is poured on top after the decorations are placed at the bottom of the pan. Then it is cooked, and last it is turned upside down to reapply the decorations. Thick slices of pineapple and maraschino cherries are typically used to make upside-down cakes, although virtually anything can be used as a flavour or decoration.

Given that there aren’t many desserts that begin with the letter U, it’s hardly surprising that Google chose the codename Upside Down Cake for Android 14. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging to have the codename validated, proving that work on Android 14 is undoubtedly in progress.

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