The Nothing Phone (1) Lite Rumor Is False

According to a rumor from The Mobile Indian , a Lite version of the Phone (1) is already in the works and is expected to launch in India in October (via Android Police ). Even though Nothing is too young to be releasing a phone in the middle of its release, this may not come as much of a surprise, but the implications of what this allegedly more cheap version will include cast doubt on that claim. To put it another way, the Nothing Phone (1) Lite might wind up being nothing more than a brand name.

According to the leak, the Phone (1) Lite will really retain the majority of the Phone (1)’s specifications. The Snapdragon 778G processor, the dual 50MP cameras, and the 120Hz display are supposedly included in this. Naturally, some features must be forgone in order to achieve a cheaper price point, and the rumor claims that the Glyph UI and wireless charging support won’t be included.

When it comes to reducing things to their base necessities, these concessions are understandable, but they also don’t make sense in terms of branding. It didn’t take much effort to persuade Qualcomm to provide a Snapdragon 700 chipset variant that was good to go and supported wireless charging. Even while others only see it as a gimmick, the Glyph UI is a defining feature of Nothing and its Phone (1). A Nothing Phone (1) Lite wouldn’t provide much without these features, and Nothing’s brand might not yet be well-known enough to matter much.


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