The Nothing Phone (1): How Does It Handle Drops? The Drop Test Is Here

The Nothing Phone (1) is not at all a tough phone. It has a metal frame that is encased between two glass panes. It is therefore not really designed to withstand significant drops to hard surfaces. People at PBK Reviews made the decision to test it nevertheless in a brand-new video. They’ve made the decision to create a video that emphasizes the Nothing Phone (1) drop test.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR WATCHING IS THE NOTHING PHONE (1) DROP TEST This movie, which is posted below the text and lasts for two and a half minutes, Spoiler alert: if you don’t like to see phones break, you might want to avoid this drop test because the results are pretty much what you’d anticipate.

Please be aware that the phone’s screen protector is installed before we discuss this video. The video’s maker chose to keep it on because it comes pre-installed on the phone right out of the box.

Advertisement The initial drop was onto the screen from a height of around waist height. The phone fell to the floor of concrete. The top-right corner of the screen protector lifted up and the phone’s frame received some light scratches. The display kept operating normally.

In the second test, the phone was dropped onto the device’s bottom from waist height. The phone was in good condition other than some scratches on the frame.

THE PHONE BACKS BROKEN BY THE THIRD DROP The final test involved tossing the phone from waist height onto its back. The glass on the phone’s back broke as a result of the drop. However, it held together and the screen kept operating.

Advertisement The most painful test is the fourth one. The display of the Nothing Phone (1) was facing the concrete when it was dropped from chest height. The display cracked as a result of this, however it kept functioning after that.

The fifth and final test involved tipping the phone onto its side at chest height. Although the frame sustained some deeper scratches as a result, the display kept operating.

The phone did a nice job overall. Although the glass did break after being dropped five times, the phone continued to function.

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