The newest electric Porsche models have two wheels rather than four.

Perhaps not the first firm that comes to mind when considering e-bikes is Porsche. However, according to a release from the brand , one of its new electric models created with assistance from the e-bike manufacturer Rotwild, is every bit as Porsche as a Taycan or 911. There will be two different models of the new e-bikes: Sport and Cross. The Sport variant has integrated “Supernova” lighting in the front stem and the back seat post, making it better suited for commuting and road use. The Fox suspension components used in the Cross version make it more like a regular mountain bike. The EP-8 electric motor from Shimano powers both e-bikes.

Porsche The eBike Sport and the eBike Cross, per the Porsche press release, “transmit the feeling and attraction of Porsche on two wheels.” The aforementioned “fascination” undoubtedly comes with a hefty price tag. Both bikes are unmistakably Porsche-like in terms of pricing. When both models are delivered to dealers in the later part of this fall, the Sport will retail for $11,750 and the Cross for $9,500.


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