The New Electric Motors from Porsche Won’t Be Kept to Oneself

Porsche has a history of working with other businesses to build award-winning e-bikes, such the Cyklaer, which won this year’s German Design Award . Porsche eBike Performance GmbH, which the carmaker recently established, will help it advance its e-bike technology even further, according to an press release . The division will be entrusted with creating “electric drive systems for two-wheelers,” which could involve e-bike software as well as electric motors and batteries. These components will initially be used to power e-bikes made by Stuttgart-based P2 eBike GmbH, but they will soon be available for other e-bike companies as well. The new joint venture will still include these into Porsche’s own brand, though.

Porsche views its eBike Performance business as a “technology partner” that creates cutting-edge e-bike systems for other manufacturers, but the company also makes hints that it will create “especially powerful eBike drive systems” for its own planned electric bike lineup. The current generation of Porsche e-bikes use frames, motor, display, and braking parts from companies including Rotwild, Shimano, and Magura. Once the business develops then eventually distributes its own internal e-bike system, only time will tell when we’ll actually start seeing e-bikes carrying Porsche’s distinctive insignia on more than just its top tube. Porsche already holds the record for the fastest electric vehicle, so it might not be impossible to break it again in the realm of e-bikes.


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