The Motorola MA1 is currently available at Amazon from the seller {U: New pricing}.

The Motorola MA1 was introduced at CES 2022, and Amazon and other merchants rapidly ran out of stock. The wireless Android Auto adapter with the Motorola brand is once again on sale at

Updated on 8/30: The Motorola MA1 is now available for $99.99. Orders placed today, however, won’t be delivered until October.

Update 7/26: The Motorola MA1’s initial Saturday availability rapidly came to an end, but it is currently back in stock after just one day. Shipping won’t begin for another two weeks, though.

Update 7/25: Official availability is still limited, and Motorola Voice inventory is once more gone.

Update 7/24: After being out of supply for over a month, the Motorola MA1 is back in sale on Amazon (sold by Motorola Voice). If you order today, delivery is anticipated for next week.

It coincides with the similarly-priced AAWireless ‘s current availability on Amazon. Delivery now occurs later in the week than the dongle with the Motorola logo.

Update 6/21: Once more, availability only lasted a day.

Update 6/20: The Motorola MA1 is available again on Amazon a week after it sold out. Even while Motorola Voice continues to sell it and Amazon continues to handle shipping, the earliest delivery date is now July 5 (in the US) rather than a few days earlier.

Update 6/13: Motorola Voice on Amazon is once more out of stock with the Motorola MA1.

Original 6/12: The $89.95 Motorola MA1 dongle began shipping to consumers at the end of January after becoming up for pre-order in the middle of the month. When the official vendor soon ran out of stock, customers were forced to turn to third-party retailers, who frequently charged a premium for the item.

As of Sunday night, Motorola Voice, the manufacturer, has the Motorola MA1 back in stock at in stock at Amazon . It ships from Amazon and can be received as soon as this next week through Prime shipping.

Both Best Buy and Target are still out of stock. The wireless Android Auto dongle should now be consistently available to purchase, hopefully putting an end to price gouging.

Buy Motorola MA1 wireless Android Auto dongle

Motorola Sound claims it licenses Google technology that makes it simple for customers to connect to current USB-enabled Android Auto automobiles wirelessly, in contrast to a few third-party products that came to market before this branded device.

As we detailed in our evaluation:

Of course, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the Motorola you’re picturing is actually a subsidiary known as Motorola Sound. SGW Global, who has a branding license, really produces this particular product.

The black puck has a USB-A cable that is attached to it and is not detachable. After pairing your Android device, you can enable Auto on your infotainment system without having to plug in your phone. It is intended for older automobiles without wireless Android Auto.

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