The Most Unusual And Memorable Vehicles From Monterey Car Week 2022

With the alluring and exorbitantly pricey W16 Mistral, Bugatti surprisingly managed to win both the first and the last place awards. It’s the final model from the manufacturer’s production line to utilize its massive, 16-cylinder gas engine, here rated at 1,600 PS after being so wildly used in the Chiron Super Sport 300 in 2019. Back then, the governing principle was speed. This time, the goal is to actually see the stars in the sky.

This is due to the W16 Mistral being the first roadster in the Chiron period; this hasn’t happened since the Veyron era. Although Bugatti’s customers have been clamoring for an open-top option for years, it took this long to perfect the design and maintain the brand’s distinctive stylistic cues without compromising performance or safety. Ninety-nine fortunate purchasers will pay around $5 million each for the opportunity.

Bentley Mulliner Batur


Lamborghini Urus Performante


Lucid Air Sapphire
Audi Grandsphere Concept

At least not yet, Audi won’t be selling its Monterey Car Week cars. Its striking trio of “Sphere” concepts, which range from the Skysphere roadster with its physically-stretching wheelbase to the Urbansphere “apartment on wheels,” which embodies the idea of an oasis among dense urban environments, came together to preview the German automaker’s vision of an electric, luxurious future.

The Audi Grandsphere, which comes in between the other two, may not look quite as futuristic as its siblings, but it is the vehicle with the greatest chance of going into production. In the middle of the decade, Audi wants to produce a high-end four-door based on the EV that will incorporate Level 4 autonomous driving as well as its cabin minimalism and alternative materials themes. This incorporates projected instruments to replace the typical physical or digital gauges and a retracting steering wheel that hides behind a panel in the dashboard while the Grandsphere is driving itself.

McLaren Solus GT
Lincoln Model L100 Concept

Lincoln’s Model L100 Concept has a cabin that is very different from the McLaren’s in terms of spaciousness, yet entering it is still impressive. The electric sedan’s incredibly long coach doors spread out and the entire roof rises, letting you enter and step onto the full exhibition floor with all the beauty of the EVs’ appearance. Two spacious couches can be set up inside in a face-to-face configuration while the Model L100 is allowed to operate autonomously.

Although it seems doubtful that this particular Lincoln will be produced, it’s fair to say that it previews certain important ideas that we’ll probably hear more about in the years to come. While the large interior utilizes more sustainable materials than the conventional wood, metal, and leather, the Model L100 Concept’s use of its batteries as a structural component of the automobile helps reduce weight and increase overall stability.

Though we’ll have to wait a few more years for Acura’s first production electric vehicle (EV), which has been given the new name Acura ZDX , we do have some ideas about what to expect from the design. That was hinted at by the Acura Precision EV Concept, one of the automaker’s most notable design studies, which displayed a fresh look from what we’ve come to expect from Honda’s luxury performance brand.

Front-facing headlights and a large grille that are both lighted lead to a sculpted hood and front fenders. The dashboard is more angular and driver-oriented inside, and Acura has also promised an updated version of its infotainment system. We’ll have to wait and see just how much of this will actually make it to the ZDX or, for that matter, the even more potent Acura ZDX Type S that has already been confirmed, but Acura could certainly do worse than to give the go-ahead to this blue beast in its current state.


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