The most recent JBL earbuds incorporate a “smart” charging case with controls, phone notifications, and other features.

The Tour Pro 2 true wireless earbuds from JBL have a touchscreen in the smart charging case with media controls, notifications, and more.

Earbuds have become increasingly intelligent over the past few years, especially when it comes to managing media playing and prioritizing notifications. The Pixel Buds and other versions from JBL are headphones with a strong Google Assistant integration, and they can proclaim your notifications and even enable voice responses.

Today, JBL wants to improve the relationship while also making greater use of the charging case you’re already forced to bring about. With the addition of a touchscreen to the front of the earphones’ current smart battery case in the upcoming JBL Tour Pro 2, they’re giving us our first glimpse at an intriguing new idea.

The layout is somewhat akin to the second screen on the some foldables and less expensive smartwatches, which allows you to scroll through a few pages of controls. Although specifics are still sketchy, JBL promises you’ll be able to manage your music, personalize your headphones, receive calls, messages, and social media notifications using the 1.45-inch screen on the Tour Pro 2 case.

It seems like JBLs buds would make a great desk companion given the size and design of the case itself, which should allow it to stand freely. Without ever unlocking your phone, you ought should be able to quickly check the time, play or pause your music, enable or disable noise cancellation, and more.

JBL Tour One M2
JBL Tour Pro 2

The Tour Pro 2 earbuds’ predecessors, the Tour Pro, which we found to have excellent audio quality for the pricing range, do not yet have Google Assistant incorporated in, according to JBL. They have stated that the new earbuds will enable spatial audio in addition to having noise suppression that has been substantially improved. Even better, Android 13’s recently added functionality of Bluetooth LE Audio will be fully supported by the 249 JBL Tour Pro 2.

The Tour One M2 full-size over-ear headphones from JBL come with the same premium features, sans the smart charging case of course, like spatial audio, Bluetooth LE Audio, and more. These 299 headphones from JBL’s newest series should generate some buzz when they go on sale in January 2023. They include 40mm dynamic speakers and a maximum battery life estimate of 50 hours.

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