The Most Amazing Police Vehicles Ever

To be fair, most billionaires would be envious of the collection of amazing automobiles in the fleet of the Dubai police force . We are included the most amazing vehicle in the fleet, a Bugatti Veyron, because including the Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, and McLarens would require its own article. It was once the most amazing car in the world, but the Chiron has since surpassed it. It had a gigantic W16 engine with four turbos that produced more than 1,000 horsepower. It is extravagantly lavish and magnificent.

The police Veyron has a top speed of more than 200 mph, so it would have no trouble catching up to speeding motorists in the tiny Arab country, but it is rarely utilized for that purpose. According to CNN , the Veyron is primarily used on tourist duty by the Dubai police. Additionally, it serves to promote the city rather than apprehend criminal tourists. The cops want to come across as more approachable, helpful, and nice, so they welcome tourists’ queries and photos with the automobile. It improves the city’s reputation and, ideally, draws more tourists willing to spend the crucial tourism dollars, or dirhams, as the local currency is known.

With the 1991 Camaro B4C police package, Chevrolet improved its police car lineup to keep up with rival Ford. Until 2002, when the Camaro series was briefly discontinued, the B4C served as a patrol vehicle for state troopers and was powered by the famed tuned-port injected small block Chevy V8. According to Zero 260 , the upgraded police Camaros included separate coolers for the engine, transmission, and power steering in addition to sway bars, brakes, a high-output alternator for the extra lights and radios, and other modifications. The last improvement was a speedometer with a top speed of 145 mph.

Hemmings has a rundown of one bought in Florida in 2021, mentioning the improvements. Although still identified as the RS, the service package was basically identical to that of a Z28. The installation of non-Z28 modifications like the shotgun rack and a remote control for a radar detector is also discussed. For lead-footed drivers of the 1990s, the later model year cars were certainly an unwelcome sight because they were so swift.

DORMAN HELLCAT, A CHALLENGER In Texas, supposedly, everything is bigger. That reportedly contains the police officer’s horsepower ratings. The Texas Highway Patrol added a 2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 1,080 horsepower to its fleet in October 2022. Since the automobile will outpace practically all other vehicles on Texas highways, its purchase and use are intended to serve as a warning to street racers. It was given to the department in response to a particularly risky street racer.

The Drive claims that Texas Highway Patrol tried to catch up with the Challenger and another vehicle while they were traveling at a high rate of speed down Interstate 10 West. Officers decided to call off their pursuit after the cars’ speeds reached 160 mph since they had reached dangerously high levels, and instead they tracked the vehicles from the air. When the car ran out of gas and the driver fled on foot, he was caught. The Texas Department of Public Safety received the car as a result of his careless actions, among other sanctions. The vehicle is now fit for highway duty, and its tale will serve as a lesson. Don’t mess with Texas is the story’s main lesson.

It’s a strange historical and legal quirk that there are two official police units in Italy. The first is the polizia, or state police, and the second is the carabinieri, a military division. While they both perform law enforcement tasks, their missions and internal structures are somewhat different. According to the BBC , the carabinieri have a two-century history that precedes the Republic of Italy. In a nutshell, the main distinction is that the carabinieri act to safeguard national security interests while the polizia act to maintain civil order among civilians. The polizia may work to arrest heads of crime syndicates while the carabinieri may work to arrest terrorism suspects, even if some of their objectives may overlap.

Regardless of their tasks, having quick access to a vehicle is frequently useful while responding to crimes and emergencies. Alfa Romeo collaborated with the carabinieri in 2021 to deliver 1,770 units for use by officers in the field, in order to assist such a response, according to al Volante . They go by the name Radiomobile 2.0 and have eight-speed gearboxes and 2.0 turbocharged gasoline engines with 200 horsepower. Additionally, they have protected windows, a full complement of emergency lights, and weapon mounts. Despite not being quite as quick as a Huracan, they will ultimately be more helpful due to having approximately 2,000 more units available.

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I’m Saleen Mustang Successful race car driver Steve Saleen has been able to turn his love of the sport into a successful enterprise. Beginning in the 1980s, Saleen established a company that modified new Mustangs with engine and body performance upgrades and marketed them as Saleen Mustangs (via CJ Pony Parts ). Similar to the Roush and Shelby automobiles of the new millennium, Saleen Mustangs are well-liked performance variations. Saleen has recently started customizing other manufacturers’ vehicles and unveiled the S1, a boutique supercar. Saleen signifies performance to the informed.

Southern California, where Steve was raised and where his businesses are based, is also where he was raised. In 2017, fleet of the Dubai police force 0, he gave one of his heavily customized Mustangs to the Riverside, CA police agency, following in the footsteps of other manufacturers. Saleen has upgraded this vehicle with a twin-screw supercharger and tweaked it to generate a powerful 730 horsepower. Additionally, it has every piece of conventional police gear, including an entire army of emergency lights. The automobile has all the necessary tools to fight crime, but its main objective is to assist and raise money for the Police Officers’ Assistance Fund, which aids the families of police officers who are killed in the line of duty. No of how it is deployed, only officers who have received specialized driving instruction from Saleen at their headquarters will be permitted to operate the vehicle.


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