The internal screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be broader but not feature a larger battery.

Samsung must enhance its own offering as the foldable market becomes more cutthroat. According to a few recent sources, Samsung intends to give the Galaxy Z Fold 4 a bigger screen, but it doesn’t appear like it will have a greater battery life.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a relatively equivalent-sized battery to the Fold 3 as revealed by GalaxyClub and a safety listing , respectively. The battery will be divided into two cells as normal, one of which will have a 2,002 mAh capacity and the other 2,268 mAh. Total rated capacity is 4,275 mAh, but it’s more likely to be sold as 4,400 mAh in practice. The rated capacity was the same for the Fold 3.

What does that imply for the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s battery life? Well, the situation is not perfect. In our review of the Fold 3 from last year, we weren’t very impressed with its battery life, and as I’ve continued to use the phone, endurance hasn’t exactly increased. However, using more recent chips might help the battery last longer.

These batteries are the Fold 4s. Notably, another recent report asserts that LG will provide the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s battery.

In addition, Ice Universe has provided a rendering of the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s interior display. especially that the aspect ratio would be wider than the Fold 3’s and that the display will be. Although it has frequently been requested, it won’t be as the Oppo Find N in terms of better supporting tablet apps. According to reports, the Fold 4 will aa5 closer to a square, resulting in a shorter but broader display.

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