The ideal starting point for your home’s backup power system is Bluetti AC500.

The newest and best power station from Bluetti, the the AC500 , is ready to serve as the cornerstone of your home’s off-grid battery and solar power system. Its modular design enables you to construct a system from scratch all the way up to a superpower.

Bluetti has established a reputation for producing fully modular battery backup systems for more than ten years. Modular here refers to the fact that Bluetti’s power solutions are built of smaller components that combine to form an even larger whole rather than being made of a single, enormous battery.

A single Bluetti battery, such as the B300 or B300S, which has a 3072Wh capacity with USB-A, USB-C, and cigarette lighter-style power connections on its own, is a good place to start. From there, you can gradually add more batteries. You’ll have enough power to run your home for around a day’s worth of emergency consumption when you combine that battery with the several functional ports on the AC500 station. More crucially, you may add as many as six batteries to the Bluetti AC500 station at any time, providing you with roughly a week’s supply of power ( 18,432Wh total).

In comparison to the majority of home backup power systems, Bluettis modular systems are also made to be more portable. The Bluetti AC500 is small and ready to be packed in your car or truck, whether you need to flee in the event of a disaster or you simply want consistent electricity when camping. The Bluetti AC500 and B300S may be readily transported by two people, weighing 66 lb and 80 lb, respectively.

The AC500 station can generate up to 5000W of power, making it capable of powering all of your home’s conventional (120V) devices (10000W surge). It has 16 output connectors, including two (100W) USB-C ports, three regular AC outlets, four USB-A ports, and more. Additionally, you can combine two AC500 stations using the Bluetti Fusion Box Pro to acquire double the voltage (240V), twice the capacity (36,864Wh), and more power up to 6000W output if you need to run higher voltage equipment.

Furthermore, the Bluetti AC500 and B300S system is designed to be dynamically charged. You can combine choices like power from a generator and/or solar panels (also available from Bluetti) to increase up to 8000W charging in addition to conventional AC charging at up to 5000W. When possible, options like these can assist in keeping your house off the grid.

With the right setup, you can charge your device completely in just over two hours or go from 0% charge to 80% full in as little as an hour. Bluetti’s integrated software is designed to keep your batteries working securely and to extend their lifespan regardless of the charging method you select.

To monitor your battery life and power usage in the interim, download the Bluetti app to your iPhone or Android device. You can check your usage without having to be close by because the AC500 can connect directly to your Wi-Fi network, and the station can readily get the most recent changes.

The Bluetti AC500 and B300S will accept preorders starting on September 1. Millions of devoted consumers have trusted Bluetti in more than 70 countries, and this most recent generation of products is prepared to demonstrate Bluetti’s high-quality power solutions in many more homes across the world.

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