The head of global security for TikTok is leaving his position

Roland Cloutier is leaving his position as TikTok’s worldwide chief security officer, according to Engadget . He will undoubtedly stay with the business and continue to serve as a strategic advisor.

TikTok has recently been under scrutiny from US officials for how it handles the data of US users. First, the parent firm of TikTok, ByteDance, was charged with exporting data from US consumers. Employees in China would then have access to user data from US users. The corporation initially denied the information before coming clean. Even the FTC requested that Google and Apple remove TikTok from their app stores as a result of ByteDance’s action.

The company’s worldwide chief security officer, who works for TikTok, is resigning in light of the scandals surrounding the business. Cloutier will be temporarily replaced by TikTok’s head of security risk, vendor, and client assurance, Kim Albarella. Cloutier will continue to work for the company, nevertheless, as a business impact adviser for TikTok’s security and trust initiatives.

Advertisement THE CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER FOR TIKTOKS GLOBAL IS RETIRING Although the controversy around US user data appears to be the reason for Cloutiers’ resignation, the TikTok representative has a different take. Cloutier has not been in charge of managing the new staff that looks after US customer data, a TikTok representative informed The Wall Street Journal . The CEO received direct reports from that group.

Additionally, Cloutiers’ choice to quit his position has nothing to do with the worries of US senators. According to the spokeswoman, this adjustment will be made for a few months.

Additionally, CEO Shou Zi Chew told the TikTok workforce in a letter about Cloutiers leaving. According to Chew, a component of their changing strategy has been to allay worries about the security of user data in the US.

Advertisement Our data protection procedures will benefit greatly from this investment, which also alters the global chief security officer role’s responsibilities. In light of this, Roland has made the decision to step down from his role as global CSO, starting September 2. Added Chew.

To allay the fears of US lawmakers, TikTok is now collaborating with Oracle to keep the data of US users domestically. In order to outline their strategies for addressing the security issues, the firm CEO also issued a letter to US government officials.


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