The Google Play Store no longer displays app version numbers

The Play Store version numbers for apps are no longer shown by Google. The modification seems to have started rolling out recently and, for the time being, only impacts the phone versions of the apps. It’s unclear whether the corporation changed this intentionally or whether a bug was to blame.

The app version number has traditionally been the first item in the App details portion of a listing description on the Google Play Store, which you can access by tapping the About this app button. However, some customers have observed that the item is gone from their device, according to 9to5Google. Google specifically took away that data from the apps’ phone versions.

The Play Store will only display the version number for the app’s smartwatch version if your Wear OS smartwatch is tied to the same Google account. The information is still accessible in app versions for AndroidTV or Google TV. The version numbers for all apps, including the mobile versions, are maintained by the Play Store online client. The mobile app’s most recent release, version 31.6.13-21, appears to be the problem.

Advertisement This shows that the modification wasn’t intended and that a bug is to blame. The Play Store displays the version number for mobile apps twice in the description, under the App details and Compatibility for your active devices sections, as noted in the new report . Perhaps it intended to take the object out of just one of the two locations, but ended up taking it out of both. That is what we sincerely hope. Otherwise, consumers would be compelled to check the app version numbers in the phone’s settings. Users wouldn’t be able to avoid installing or updating with defective releases if they couldn’t check the version number before doing so.

In the past, Google has also removed important app information from the Play Store. Unless there is a bug, it appears that Google takes pleasure in hiding important app information from users on the Play Store. Over the past few months, there have been numerous occurrences of this kind. Some users were irate when the business temporarily stopped displaying the date an app was updated in November of last year. It repeated that early this year before reintroducing the data a short time later.

Google last month removed the Permissions list as if that weren’t enough. The corporation faced intense backlash over this choice, which compelled it to quickly reinstate the list. But soon after that backlash, the manufacturer of Android appears to have removed another important piece of information from the Play Store. Let’s hope it’s a bug and that everyone will soon have their version numbers for phone apps back.


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