The Google Pixel 6a has fingerprint issues before it even launches.

Even though the Google Pixel 6a won’t go on sale in its whole until July 28, some users have already received their units and some are complaining about serious problems with the fingerprint sensor. According to the manner and timing of Google’s response, it could also have significant effects on device security.

WHAT PROBLEMS IS THE GOOGLE PIXEL 6A FINGERPRINT SENSOR CURRENTLY HAVING? Now, Reddit and YouTube are the main sources for reports of the issues. So, for the time being, they should be treated with caution. However, it doesn’t seem like the issue is a minor one. In actuality, it poses a potentially enormous issue for consumers of the latest Pixel smartphones.

That applies to all phone users, not just those who choose fingerprint authentication. More importantly, this might have a negative effect on people who choose to lock down apps using biometrics. for securing their chat, photo storage, and banking apps, as an illustration.

Advertisement That’s because the fingerprint scanner allegedly doesn’t function at all, according to the concerned users. Once configured, the Google Pixel 6a unlocks for any fingerprint placed on the sensor in scenarios when there are complications. No matter if the fingerprint has been registered as a part of the authentication configuration, that is still true. It follows that any fingerprint should be able to unlock those devices.

Google should quickly fix this issue. As of this writing, Google has not formally replied to the reports on a fix for the issue. Additionally, it’s not immediately evident if the hardware or the code behind the security technique is at fault. However, depending on the underlying cause, this is one issue that might potentially be resolved fast.

If there is a hardware issue, the organization will need to conduct an investigation to identify the source of the problem. And customers will probably have to return their technology for a replacement. as was the case with certain earlier issues with Pixel smartphones.

Advertisement On the other hand, a software issue ought to be simpler. Since a repair might be easily sent via an OTA update, the business might wind up resolving the problem before the phone is made public. alternatively, immediately afterwards. It might, for instance, release a remedy as soon as the first security patch of the month. which itself should come in the first week of August.


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