The Google Home app has not made any headway in resolving the Nest catastrophe nearly a year later.

For the first time in a number of years, Google updated the Nest camera lineup last year, but there was also a change to the software. The Nest app is intended to be replaced by the Google Home app, but the changeover has been in a frustrating state of limbo. Almost little has changed on that front either nearly a year later.

THE GOOGLE HOME APP IS IMPROVING, BUT NOT MUCH Starting with the Google Home app, which is still a complete disaster for Nest customers, is the primary source of all of these annoyances. It’s evident from the experience that Google wants to use it moving forward, but it’s nothing compared to what the Google Nest developed over years.

The Home app still feels unorganized and less-than-predictable when it comes to numerous settings and options for these cameras, as we covered in length in our original Google Nest Cam (battery) review. Beyond that, however, it also isn’t functional.

The viewing history in the Google Home app is the primary source of everyday annoyance I have with my own Nest cameras.

The Home app’s event-based history navigation generally works well, and the addition of shortcuts for navigating between events in late 2021 has been a huge improvement over the previous system of endless scrolling.

However, manual searching through your recording history is a complete nightmare.

On the new Google Nest cameras, scrolling through the continuous footage is, to put it mildly, awful. It takes a long time to load and frequently crashes. The Home applications feed invariably crashes if you scroll through more than a few hours of video, either displaying a blank screen or an error message. That’s not a problem for the majority of real security requirements, but it can be annoying when trying to see changes in the camera’s field of vision caused by, example, the weather.

While I’m writing this piece, I can easily view footage from my earlier Nest Hello doorbell camera from 6 a.m., yet I have to scroll back and forth for five minutes to get my Nest Camera with Floodlight to finally load. They are both powered up and subscribed to the same Nest Aware subscription with round-the-clock recording. The Home applications’ horrible handling of recording history is the only distinction.

Yup, that 24/7 recording Im paying for is definitely worth it

There are a number of other issues I could go into here, but they all just serve to highlight how far behind the Nest app the Google Home app is, and how nothing has changed in a year. Notifications still frequently show the portion of the clip before or after the motion was detected, and you still can’t download clips unless they’re automatically generated.

It has been almost a whole year since Google launched this new experience when it updated the Nest Camera last August.

And yet, after 11 months, these fundamental issues remain unresolved. Really, Google hasn’t done anything to address the issues long-time Nest customers have with the updated experience, aside from the transition to event-based history. The new history feed is the closest thing to a substantive improvement we’ve made, and even that doesn’t address actual issues.

GOOGLE HAS NOT KEEPED ITS PROMISES TO USERS OF LEGACY NEST. Google is delaying things for traditional Nest consumers in addition to the issues with the new Nest lineup.

Both the Nest and Google Home apps support the older Nest cameras, although the Google Home app severely restricts their usefulness. Although I would like to utilize the Nest app over the Home app, neither feature is supported, and there are still no notifications. The latter was something Google promised about a year ago, but we haven’t heard anything about it since.

In August of last year, Google informed us that it was planning to add the complete functionality of earlier Nest units to the Home app. Evidently, that hasn’t happened yet. Instead, users with both new and old Nest devices must have both applications installed and alternate between using them to complete tasks.

You still cant get notifications through the Home app from older Nest cams

Personally, I’m not as enraged by this one. Even while I would like my older Nest gadgets to run in the same app as the new one, there are some clear security and functional issues that would require time to resolve. It’s okay if more time is required.

Even so, it can be challenging to overlook the problem. The same trademark is used by all of these goods, some of which are still available today. This feature should have been available from the start, or Google should have adopted the Nest app’s more narrow emphasis and left all of its new devices there, feeding the app’s live streams into it to provide a more concentrated experience.

Together, these issues and the timeline we’ve seen leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. It degrades the usability of these items on a daily basis and increases my reluctance to endorse Google’s cameras.

In the upcoming months, hopefully, we’ll finally witness some significant improvement. Google continues referring to it as a long-term strategy, but it could not be.

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