The Good News About the Ad-Supported Streaming Plan from the Netflix Leak

Despite the impending lower plan employing commercials to reduce the price, insiders who spoke with Bloomberg said that there will be some sorts of material that won’t have ads, either permanently or temporarily. According to the sources, the top item on this reported list will be original children’s programming that is totally ad-free. This is probably Netflix’s way of avoiding any legal issues that can arise from mistakenly airing offensive advertisements during children’s programs, something that Google and YouTube are all too familiar with thanks to past experience and expensive legal battles.

According to insiders, Netflix original films won’t air advertising either, but only when they are initially released. These films will apparently eventually also feature advertisements, though the article does not specify for how long this ad-free treatment will be in effect. When movies are released on Netflix in both paid and ad-supported tiers, this method is reportedly being used to appease some filmmakers and studios. After all, can you image your cinematic viewing experience being interrupted by commercials on a film’s red carpet debut? However, it is rumored that deals for films from other studios will still need to be arranged separately, which might be expensive for Netflix.

However, each of them is still in the preliminary planning stages, as Netflix loves to point out. In this business, adding an ad-supported tier is not as simple as turning a switch. In particular, when it comes to raising its premium for the right to show advertisements alongside content, Netflix will need to exercise caution and negotiate with partners. The strategy may be completely abandoned if Netflix is unable to acquire enough content to fill out a sizable collection and make the ad-supported tier appealing.


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