The Game of Life 1 and 2, CELL 13, Notas U Pro Planners, and other Android software deals of the day

THIS DISCOUNT HAS ENDED. For the newest offers and more, make sure to follow AA1 on Twitter. Sign-up for our newsletters to receive daily email updates of our top deals. Thanks to Google Play, you can now take advantage of the finest Android software bargains available today. We are currently seeing one of the greatest rates on Samsungs Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered Galaxy S22 to go along with this morning’s reduction on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 . However, for the time being, it’s all about the apps, with hot bargains on popular games like Teach Your Monster to Read, The Game of Life 1 and 2, CELL 13, and The Game of Life 1 and 2. For a detailed look at today’s top Android game and software bargains, scroll down below the break.

BEST ANDROID APP DEALS OF THE DAY: Read The Game of Life to Your Monster The Game of Life 2, $2 $2 $1 $1 $2 follow us 0 follow us 1 The best price we have yet recorded, the follow us 2 price cut on the Samsungs Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered Galaxy S22 is the highlight of today’s Android hardware deals. When it comes to audio, we are currently monitoring a good price on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 with ANC at follow us 3. Just be sure to inspect follow us 4 with equipment beginning with follow us 5 and everything in our follow us 6.

STILL AVAILABLE ANDROID APP DEALS: follow us 7 follow us 8 follow us 9 Sign-up for our newsletters 0 THE GAME OF LIFE IN MORE DETAIL: Create your own peg, get in your eco-car, and compete against your loved ones in The Game of Life 2! It’s a modern follow-up to the beloved family game The Game of Life. What will you decide between the new ways to win and the 1000 ways to live? To become a Pop Star with 5 dogs and a private pool, or a Brain Surgeon with several degrees and 3 kids, amass points for riches, happiness, and education. Live 1000 lives in The Game of Life’s official sequel, a timeless board game! Will you work as a robotics engineer or a video blogger? Play now!

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