The Galaxy Watch 4 is more practical thanks to One UI Watch 4.5.

One UI Watch 4.5 for the Galaxy Watch 4 and subsequent Galaxy Watch devices is being officially unveiled by Samsung today. The most recent update of the program, which has been available in beta form for a time, was distributed to certain customers around July 4.

The majority of what is included in the official version may already be known to users as a result of a leak from earlier this month. On July 1, One UI Watch 4.5/Wear OS 3.5 screenshots went public. demonstrating some of the software’s design alterations.

It seems as though Samsung was going to include a few comfort and accessibility features. making it considerably simpler and more pleasurable to use the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. As of right now, those features are definitely coming, according to Samsung’s official statement from today.

Advertisement ALL ABOUT CONVENIENCE AND ACCESSIBILITY IN ONE UI WATCH 4.5 Convenience and accessibility are the main themes of the newest software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Samsung, though, describes it as a more comprehensive watch experience. And we tended to concur.

Users can anticipate that the future update will include all of the information from the breach. one of the nicest upgrades is undoubtedly the full QWERTY keyboard. Because of the T9 configuration Samsung is now using, typing on the Galaxy Watch 4 is currently a terrible experience.

In the early 2000s, before smartphones and full keyboards were commonplace, that was fine. Since that was all there was, Even brief responses like “see you soon” or the occasional Play Store search become a laborious effort, even though you may not be using your watch to type out lengthy messages.

Advertisement MUCH MORE ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL Samsung is introducing a number of visual and audio aid features for accessibility functionality. like the option to change the display’s color and contrast settings to make it easier to read.

Additionally, Samsung is making certain adjustments to the transparency and blur effects. Users will be able to specifically lessen these effects, which Samsung claims would help make things easier to view. The ability to eliminate animations is another feature added by Samsung.

It will be possible to adjust the volume levels of the left and right audio outputs on linked Bluetooth earpieces for hard-of-hearing users. from the watch, everything.

Advertisement TELL DUAL SIM SUPPORT HELLO The QWERTY keyboard and accessibility features aren’t the only new features coming in One UI Watch 4.5. Dual SIM support is now included. To use the watch, though, you’ll need a Galaxy phone, which is not included.

You will be able to select which SIM you desire to use if your connected watch is a Galaxy phone. You won’t need to do anything else once you configure this on your phone because the watch will be updated automatically.

From that point on, the watch will always display the SIM that is currently in use whenever you make a voice call. Samsung has made it easy to switch your preferred SIM from the watch, but your phone’s preference remains the same.

Advertisement The Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and new Galaxy Watch devices will all be able to receive the update, according to Samsung. Users will receive the update in this year’s third quarter.


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