The future Pixel 7 Pro can be modified to operate at 1080p on the Pixel 6 Pro running Android 13.

The Pixel 6 Pro’s screen may now be downscaled to 1080p thanks to an Android ROM developer, a functionality that should be arriving to the Pixel 7 Pro this autumn.

Our team earlier reported that the Pixel 7 Pro would receive a separate toggle between the usual 1440p output and 1080p while examining the several Android 13 Beta releases from this year. The similar feature, which serves as a battery saver, is accessible on a select other premium Android phones, including Samsung flagships.

The Pixel 7 Pro was planned to have the exact same Samsung-made panel as the Pixel 6 Pro, we reported at the time. Given that, there shouldn’t be any obstacles standing in the way of the Pixel 6 Pro using the same 1080p option with a little tweaking.

Early changes started to appear within weeks after that initial report as developers quickly set out to do so. Freak07 shared an updated version of the Kirisakura kernel mod, which fully supports switching to 1080p on Android 13, was released today for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. In fact, you’ll even use the new toggle Google added to Android 13—which, based on our speculation, will formally debut on the Pixel 7 Pro this autumn.

Images: Freak07

Since modifying a phone’s raw display settings might result in problems with brightness levels, colors, and other aspects of the display, this hack has undergone extensive testing and fine-tuning. And even after all of that testing, the mod’s installation is still not entirely faultless. Freak07 observes that the UI of Android occasionally behaves strangely or exhibits icon overlap.

More crucially, your Pixel 6 Pro will need to be forcibly restarted if you have specific features set while converting to 1080p, such Show frame rate from Android’s developer tools. Freak07 claims that, other from these flaws, the mod is essentially ready to be used on a regular basis.

Of course, installing it puts your device at risk, just as with any other mod. Your smartphone must already be rooted using Magisk in order to install this kernel mod, and you will be flashing code to one of your device’s most security-sensitive areas. While such mods can be entertaining for Android fans, the majority of Pixel owners shouldn’t use them.

However, running the Pixel 6a at a higher 90Hz refresh rate should be theoretically a little safer for your system than running the recently shared mod . This 1080p mod for the Pixel 6 Pro is well within the hardware limitations of the phone, unlike the Pixel 6a mod, which is designed to make your gadget perform better than it was intended to.

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