The Funny Truth About Russia’s Dog That Carries Rocket Launchers

The Unitree Go1 robotic dog, produced by a Chinese company called Unitree Robotics, is either significantly modified or shamelessly plagiarized in the M-81 robot dog that parades around with a rocket launcher on its back. The robot has a starting price of $2,700 and comes in two variations called Air and Pro. Even a Russian website called Robosobaka sells it.

According to a report from the Russian technology publication IXBT , the M-81 costs a million rubles, or around $16,600 at the moment’s exchange rates. The distinctive optical eye hardware and the shape of the skull, which are both clearly visible despite the black fabric covering the M-81, make it easy to recognize the similarities between the two.

Next, there is the issue of viability and applicability. The Go1 robot can only carry 6.6 pounds of weight, according to the Unitree website, which does not seem very promising for toting around a rocket launcher that weighs more than the robot’s maximum payload capacity when loaded with a grenade.


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