The Factor That Prevents Astronauts From Enjoying Good Pizza in Space

By combining powdered macronutrients (such as protein and starch) with oil or water in the printhead, the SMRC device might produce food. It would be mixed with flavors, scents, and micronutrients before being sprayed out like an inkjet printer. Starting with the dough, moving on to the sauce, and finishing with the toppings is one of its first recipes was printing pizzas layers. A subsequent round of money was never supplied by NASA.

One’s perception of what is considered “good” and “poor” food tends to shift after being on a restrictive diet for weeks or months at a time. Expedition 53 crew received a plethora of pizza toppings from NASA in 2017, including pre-made Boboli dough. Though it definitely wasn’t voted “best of” anything, the space jockeys donned space aprons instead of their space suits to actually bake and eat pizza in orbit on the ISS.

The toppings must be able to adhere to whatever sauces have been applied, and the space pizza recipe is restricted to pastes and sauces that can be spread onto uncooked, pre-made dough. In addition, a lot of teamwork is needed to keep everything anchored down was applied throughout the preparation process (using tape strips). Although the pies can be heated, conventional baking ovens aren’t a standard feature on the ISS… yet prevents the creation of a fully crispy crust. They will have to make do with an acceptable substitute that will sate their need for a small taste of home till they are.


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