The Eero 6 Mesh WiFi System Is Here To Upgrade Your WiFi.

The eero 6 Mesh WiFi System is currently on sale for only $159 on
It’s a decrease from $199. Although it isn’t the lowest point in history, it is fairly close.

An eero 6 router and two eero 6 extenders are included in this three-pack, allowing you to completely cover your home in WiFi and eliminate any dead spots you may have.

As this is an early Prime Day promotion, it’s important to note that only Amazon Prime members may get this pricing. To benefit from this price, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime here .

Advertisement The eero 6 three-pack can provide coverage for almost 5,000 square feet, which is more than enough to completely enclose most homes. The extenders may be placed elsewhere in your house, giving you access to wired internet and fantastic WiFi in locations like the basement where a strong signal might not be present.

The eero app will walk you through every step of installation, making it incredibly simple. For when you have guests over, you can also establish up a guest network with ease. The program also enables you to block ads at the router level, allowing you to block ads across your whole network. Furthermore, 1Password is integrated.

Zigbee is another built-in technology in the same vein. Depending on the devices you have in your home, your eero 6 router may be able to serve as a hub for your smart home, which can be quite helpful.

Advertisement The Eero 6 is capable of 500Mbps download rates. You should purchase the eero Pro 6 if, like me, you have a gigabit connection (which is not currently on sale, unfortunately). If not, you won’t receive your full speed, which defeats the purpose of paying for gigabit.

A great mesh WiFi setup for your house is eero. In addition to enhancing WiFi and coverage, it is also rather simple to use. Change the password, halt the WiFi, or do whatever else you wish.

The eero 6 three-pack is available on Amazon right now by clicking here.
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