The Echo Buds Are $50 Off During This Amazon Prime Day Sale.

Amazon is today offering a $50 discount on the Echo Buds as part of its Prime Day deal. Which does bring their pricing down to an all-time low and is a decent reduction. Therefore, this is the day to purchase a pair if you’ve been wanting one.

The Echo Buds (2nd Gen) with the wired charging case and the wireless charging case are both available for purchase on Amazon. Each is $50 less. Thus, the wired case costs $69 whereas the wireless model costs $89 They are identical in every other respect.

Alexa is built in into the Echo Buds, of course. It enables you to do a lot of things, including telling Alexa to adjust the thermostat and read your text messages. This place has active noise cancellation. allowing you to really immerse yourself in your music and provide some pretty outstanding audio.

Advertisement Here, the battery life is also rather decent. We may expect a continuous playback time of five hours, and with the accompanying charging case, that time can increase to 15 hours. Additionally, rapid charging is available, allowing for two hours of playing on a single 15-minute charge. Last but not least, as the wireless charging model relies on Qi, any Qi Wireless charger will function with these. Naturally, wireless charging will require more time.

The Echo Buds are available from Amazon in both black and white.

The Echo Buds’ impressively small and lightweight design is one of their main selling factors. Which is particularly incredible given the respectable battery life they tout. Because they are lightweight, you can wear them in your ears all day long without experiencing ear fatigue, which is a significant problem.

Advertisement By clicking here, you can purchase the Echo Buds from Amazon during this Prime Day discount. This discount will be available throughout Prime Day or while supplies last.

Echo Buds (Wired charging case) – Amazon
Echo Buds (wireless charging case) – Amazon


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