The “DualSense Edge” PS5 controller from Sony adds a ton of personalization.

The DualSense Edge, a PS5 Pro controller that has been reported about since earlier this year, is one example of the PS5 and its compatible hardware that still has some surprises left. During Gamescom Opening Light Live, the DualSense Edge controller was shown. Later, the official PlayStation Twitter account published the information. The controller is now also featured in a small video published by Sony. highlighting a few of the significant improvements.

Despite this, only a few details regarding the controller’s design and some of its features have been revealed. Additionally, Sony does mention features, despite the lack of information. It’s also important to note that since this is Sony’s pro-style controller, the price will probably be higher.

DualSense from Sony originally costs $68. And that indicates that there is a strong likelihood that the DualSense Edge will cost significantly more than $100. Particularly in light of the price of Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller, a more advanced Xbox Wireless controller with a far higher price tag.

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The new DualSense Edge will offer back paddles for personalization. Moreover, there are two bottom-mounted buttons that seem to be positioned behind the thumbsticks. The controls can be changed using an on-controller interface, as well as the thumbstick caps. Additionally, the controller features trigger locks so you may change the click intensity.

The SCUF Reflex lacks this feature, though. This gives Sony the advantage over the Reflex. As long as the controller can be purchased for significantly less than Reflex’s initial price of $199.99. Not to mention that the Reflex will cost you $249.99 if you want the quick triggers. Sony should therefore have no trouble making this price competitive.

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Xbox One (@XboxOne) August 23, 2022


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