The display on my Pixel 6 Pro died. Here is how and how much Google’s walk-in repair cost.

Are you causing damage there? Immediately after my phone struck the ground, my wife said. Unfortunately, I was. For the first time in years, I needed to estimate the cost and turnaround time for repairing my Pixel 6 Pros display because it was dead. Here is how my walk-in Google Pixel 6 Pro screen replacement and repair experience went.

My Pixel 6 Pro was protected by a case and a Whitestone screen protector, so I assumed it would survive a tumble from a tiny side table down to my wood flooring, as it has in the past. But this particular instance stood out in some way. My screen was intact and showed no physical evidence of damage when I turned it on, but the display panel beneath it had failed. The majority of the screen turned black, leaving only the top left corner and a black streak coming from the selfie camera as signs of life. It was rendered useless.

Despite how strange the situation was, making a repair was the next logical move. Naturally, my first reaction was to contact Google directly to begin a repair. But because my Pixel 6 Pro didn’t have Preferred Care, I assumed that any repairs would almost certainly be outside of the warranty. Through Google, this would likely entail completely exchanging the device and waiting for shipping. I realized right away that doing an in-person repair would likely be quicker and simpler. However, I still chose to have a brief talk with Google Support to learn more about my alternatives.

The representative took my information and a picture of the display to provide some troubleshooting, and the conversation went quite smoothly. The initial advice was to perform a factory reset, which I thought was strange, but it turned out that I couldn’t even get the phone to fully power off, so I couldn’t actually do that. After a few more discussions, it was decided that a repair would be required. Through Google’s partners, I was given the choice of performing a mail-in repair or a walk-in repair. The conversation also raised the possibility that my warranty might cover the repair.

Before it was fixed, my broken Pixel 6 Pro was useless. An in-person repair sounded suitable, as I had already determined. So I went to uBreakiFix to make an appointment with my neighborhood store, which, interestingly enough, had just recently opened in my hometown. Since the first Pixel, Google has worked with uBreakiFix, but up until now it wasn’t particularly helpful due to the two-hour commute to my nearest site.

Of course, I was still unsure as to whether Google would cover my repair or if I would have to pay the full cost of a Pixel 6 Pro screen repair. When scheduling an appointment, uBreakiFix once handily provided price ranges for screen replacements and other repairs, but that service is no longer available for devices like the Pixel 6.

uBreakiFix is Googles repair partner in the US

When I arrived at the uBreakiFix site, I explained what had happened to the staff member and indicated that Google had made a suggestion that in-warranty coverage might be an option. He examined it and noted that this kind of display damage is usual. Another employee who thought it might be covered by the warranty gave him a second opinion.

After all was said and done, the harm was eventually compensated. However, your outcomes can be different.

I was informed that a screen replacement for the Pixel 6 would have cost $280 for the Pixel 6 Pro and $200 for the ordinary Pixel 6 if I had not been protected by warranty. While not terrible, that is also not an accusation that anyone likes to have unintentionally brought against them.

A text message informed me that the phone had been fixed and was ready to use within a few hours after I had dropped it off. The fingerprint sensor and the upgraded display were both fully functional when I got to the store. I was on my way after a brief discussion regarding the original damage, a look at the old panel, and a signature. Particularly at this store, the staff was friendly and incredibly knowledgeable on Pixel-related difficulties.

The repair process took under 3 hours, and was done ahead of the schedule quoted

It was not enjoyable the last time I had to have a Pixel repaired. During the few days I waited for shipping and the replacement unit, ended up being defective , I was without my primary phone. Years earlier, Justin Duino, a former member of our staff, wrote about his nightmare experience attempting to get his original Pixel fixed soon after launch. And these weren’t the only two cases. On Reddit, it doesn’t take much to unearth horror stories about Pixel repairs.

But it’s evident that Google has advanced. There is a method that can work quite effectively. Naturally, your outcomes may differ based on where you are.

Google still has a long way to go before it can equal how simple it is to repair an iPhone. One can only hope that as Google-owned stores grow and its partners continue to grow, the procedure will only get better. Additionally, Google is enhancing your DIY choices for fixing a Pixel. Recently, the business announced a collaboration with iFixit that will make it easier to repair a Pixel at home by providing comprehensive instructions and readily available parts.

It’s comforting to know that getting a Pixel mended is easier now than it ever was.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE GOOGLE PIXEL: Neither Google nor uBreakiFix sponsored this post, and neither organization was made aware of our intention to get this item repaired prior to contacting support channels.

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