The dating app Meta is being discontinued.

Sometimes it might be difficult to find love, but thankfully Meta is here to help you find your next SO. Sadly, the dating app it created in 2020 won’t last much longer. Its dating app Tuned will be shut down by Meta.

Actually, it’s likely that few people are really aware of this platform. It’s not as well recognized as some of Meta’s other attributes. We are aware that Facebook once offered a dating service where users may locate potential mates nearby. Nevertheless, Tuned was a stand-alone program.

META WILL CLOSE ON SEPTEMBER 1ST. In 2020, Meta (then Facebook) made the decision to dally in the sphere of love. In order to facilitate communication between persons separated by great distances, it developed a platform for romantic couples called Tuned. You can discreetly share your love feelings and various forms of mush while using the program.

Advertisement The software even allowed you to exchange music streams. We weren’t sure if the Covid-19 pandemic, which was at its height at the time, was to blame for this.

You might meet someone wonderful and establish a relationship with them. But regrettably, everything nice has to end. Meta will shut down the app in less than two months, according to a recent announcement from the Tuned website. People who have been connected over the past two years will therefore need to find a new site.

On September 19, the switch will be flicked, giving couples plenty of time to transition to another platform (or meet IRL). To prevent data loss, it is explained in the real post how to download your data. This is simply in case you wish to keep any particularly moving romantic love notes.

Advertisement To download your data, you must go to the settings and save it as file. The file will include all of your images, videos, and chats in their entirety.

WHY IS THIS APP GOING OFFLINE? Engadget was informed by Meta that the platform was being shut down since it was not sticking. That shouldn’t be shocking. It was largely unknown, so you shouldn’t expect it to unseat Tinder.


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