The cost of The Meta Quest 2 has significantly increased.

Some people are turned off by VR and the Metaverse as a whole since the entry barrier can be high at times. Prices for standalone headsets can be somewhat more affordable, although there are certain exceptions. One such instance is the recently increased price of the Meta Quest 2.

It’s not a fantastic time for technology right now. Supply chain challenges are making it difficult for businesses to distribute their products. Additionally, they struggle to maintain fair rates for their goods. For instance, it is anticipated that the cost of Samsung’s upcoming foldable devices will increase.

THE META QUEST 2 WILL CHARGE $100 MORE. The following piece of information may not please those who looked on Meta as their entry point into the Metaverse. UploadVR claims that the Meta Quest’s entry cost has increased by $100. A $299 headset has increased in price to $399. For the 64GB model, that is. The price of the 128GB variant increased from $399 to $499.

Advertisement Now, this might be disappointing to most folks, but here’s something to brighten the situation up: defeat Sabar Meta is currently including the popular rhythm game for free in an effort to make everything better.

NOT ONLY NEW DEVICES ARE AFFECTED BY THE PRICE INCREASE You won’t have much luck with reconditioned smartphones if the cost of a brand-new, gleaming device turns you off. Yes, the cost of refurbished Meta Quest 2 units has increased. You will have to pay $349 for a reconditioned 64GB model and $449 for a refurbished 128GB model. Additionally, you won’t get Beat Sabar free of charge if you purchase a refurbished device.

There is no question that this will enrage people. It’s absurd to see a $100 price increase on a product that has already been available. According to Meta, the increase in price was brought about by higher manufacturing and delivery costs.

Advertisement Additionally, the business claimed that this will benefit in its research for upcoming VR endeavors. As an illustration, consider the future Project Cambria.

The fact is that a price rise simply benefits sales of the product. It seems unlikely that customers would want to spend $100 more on a device that is already two years old.


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