The Compose Window in Gmail Has Been Updated With New Features

We’re all used to writing emails using Gmail, a service provided by Google. It’s a well-liked platform, and it keeps getting better. A Google blog post claims that the business added a few capabilities to the Gmail compose window that will make emailing your clients simpler.

Recently, Gmail has undergone a few adjustments. There have been some visual modifications since Google eventually implemented the Material You design philosophy in the web version of Gmail. This is good news because the company updated the design of their app months ago.

UPDATE THE GMAIL Compose Window ON GOOGLE Google is currently updating the online version of Gmail with some more modifications. These will greatly simplify and speed up the email composition process.

Advertisement To begin with, you will see that recipient’s profile image when you add them to the to, cc, or Bcc fields. In the past, it would merely display the chip containing their name. You will now get a brief introduction to that person. This will enable you to more accurately account for everyone to whom you are sending a message.

Additionally, if you right-click on a person’s chip, a menu with some other options will appear. You will have the ability to cut the text, edit the name and email address of that individual, as well as a few other things.

THE DISPLAYED NAME OF A PERSON CAN BE MODIFIED You can now modify a person’s name as it appears on a page without changing the name of the contact themselves. You can change the name that is shown for other people to see when you alter someone’s name.

Advertisement When someone enters your business from outside it, the company will let you know. The color of the recipient list chips will change if someone from outside your company has been added. If you’ve dealt with them in the past, it will be yellow in color. They will have a yellow icon on their chip if you haven’t engaged with them. Additionally, a warning will show up at the bottom of the screen urging you to exercise caution.

Using it will help you avoid adding the same person twice. Gmail will make it simpler for you to identify which contacts you have already added to an email if you have numerous people with the same name. If you’re looking for a recipient to send an email to and someone you’ve already added appears, a check mark will appear beside their name.

When you type emails correctly, Gmail will let you know. The system will actually alert you when you input an email address if you didn’t type it in the correct format ( You can prevent sending emails to invalid addresses by doing this.

Advertisement Check out the blog to see if there are any other modifications that were mentioned. Additionally, it will inform you of the Workspace plans for which these are offered.


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