The Commonest FaceTime Connection Issues And Solutions

You should also see if Facetime is unavailable for everyone. If there is a failure, this occurs. You can check Apple’s Support page to make sure Facetime is working and that it’s not just you.

facetime app on iphone screen


facetime app

The last thing you want is for Facetime to stop down while you’re on a call. Unfortunately, this could be a frequent problem. If this keeps happening to you, you can try a few different things.

You can first close the app and then reopen it. By tapping the home button twice on an iPhone model from the past or swiping up from the bottom of the screen on a more recent model, you can close an app from the app manager screen. After that, press the app once more to launch it. If the Facetime app isn’t set to automatically update, you should also check the App Store for updates. Additionally, since iOS updates may affect Facetime or the Camera app that Facetime utilizes (via Apple .)

You can also try turning your iPhone off and back on if they don’t work. You might wish to get in touch with Apple Support if it doesn’t resolve the problem.


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