The ‘Capabilities Project’ of Chrome makes a variety of web apps feasible, as demonstrated by a Googler.

The number of highly functional web apps has increased as the feature gap between native apps and web apps closes. A Google employee has taken the effort to publish a comprehensive gallery of the web applications made possible by Chrome’s Capabilities Project’s APIs.

The Capabilities Project, also known as Project Fugu, has been in development by Google and a number of partners over the past few years with the goal of enabling web apps to match the functionality and convenience of their natively installed counterparts. New APIs have been created to let web developers do tasks like adding an app icon to the home screen, gaining access to Bluetooth and USB devices, and reading and editing your files while still protecting the security of your devices.

If you’re a web developer looking for ideas for your next project or just curious about what your web browser is capable of, you might be interested in the Project Fugu API Showcase , which was recently announced on the Chrome Developer blog . The expo, which is curated (at least in part) by Googler Thomas Steiner, presently includes 45 distinct web apps from independent developers and well-known brands like LEGO, ranging from cute tiny demonstrations to fully-fledged development suites.

Even better, it’s simple to determine which of these apps has been declared open source, giving you the opportunity to learn how to use the different Capabilities Project APIs by doing. Despite the fact that each of the used APIs was first developed for Chrome, they should all function in other Chromium-based browsers, including Microsoft Edge. Additionally, several of the Capabilities Projects’ capabilities have also been incorporated into Firefox and Safari.

The showcase is also open for submissions if you’re creating a web application that makes use of any of the more recent Chrome APIs or if you know of an application that ought to be featured.

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