The Basis For Chevrolet’s Volt’s Termination

The Volt’s drivetrain configuration in 2011, the initial model year, was undoubtedly unique. Electric motors in the Volt were powered by a battery and an internal combustion engine that served as a form of generator when the battery was running low. The initial versions of the Volt could travel around 30 miles on battery power alone and well over 300 miles on a tank of gas (via Edmunds ). Later versions increased that to more than 400 miles on hybrid power and more than 50 miles on battery (via Chevrolet ).

The Volt had the typical Fisher-Price inside plastics that many GM vehicles have, yet despite this, it wasn’t a terrible car. Reviewers enjoyed the Volt quite a deal, despite its short back seat and initially exorbitant price of over $40,000 . For a little car, it was reasonably quick and cost-effective for short trips. According to CBS News , some owners even drove more than 1,400 miles between fill-ups since they never drove far enough for the gas engine to start.


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