The Basis For Chevrolet’s Impala’s Termination

The retirement of the Impala could be attributed to the automotive industry’s recent decade-long rapid transformation, General Motors’ renewed focus on electric vehicles, and good old-fashioned corporate squabbling.

General Motors announced in 2018 that it was “accelerating transition” by concentrating on the development of electric vehicles as well as by designating many manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada as “unallocated” for 2019. The Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, which produced the Impala, was one of the facilities shut down. Even if GM had opted to keep the production line going, the Impala probably wouldn’t have survived for very long. It has already been dropped twice.

Sedans are practically a thing of the past among the majority of American automakers. The Chrysler 300, the Dodge Challenger, and the Dodge Charger were all just destroyed by Stellantis, the parent corporation of Dodge and Chrysler. Ford axed most of its cars and hatchbacks did the same thing back in 2018. Chevy also made the decision to discontinue the Cruze, Sonic, and Volt about the same period. The last Impala was completed on February 27, 2020, putting the final nail in the coffin of the Impala after the order had been finalized.


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