The August update for the Pixel appears to have been postponed {U: New July patch for 6/Pro}

On the first Monday of every month, Google typically distributes the most recent Android security patch to Pixel phones. This morning, that did not happen, and it appears that the August Pixel update has been delayed.

Update 8/2: Google this morning published the factory images and began the OTAs for both Verizon and Softbank Pixel 6/Pro owners after Verizon described its pair of updates last night. Based on the security patch released in July, this update.

Android 12 for the Pixel 6 Pro
Pixel 6: Android 12 AA1 AA2 AA3 AA4

Factory Image OTA Factory Image OTA 8/1 original The August security patch level and Android 12 will be included in Google’s upcoming Pixel upgrade, according to the Pixel Update Bulletin August 2022 , which was published this morning at the usual time. We don’t believe Android 13 will be released for the Pixel this month; instead, we expect it in September.

All problems in this bulletin and the August 2022 Android Security Bulletin are addressed for Google devices with security patch versions of 2022-08-05 or later.

Google reports 40 CVEs that the 2022-08-05 patch level fixes for Pixel and Kernel components. Moderate to major vulnerabilities affect devices like the camera, modem, and kernel.

However, as OTA images were absent at 10 a.m. PT, it seems clear that this update was delayed. Verizon shared information regarding an unexpected upgrade for the Factory Image 0 and Factory Image 1, providing further proof of a delay.

The US carrier reports that today saw the deployment of a new upgrade with the July 2022 security patch level. The SQ3A.220705.003.A3 build number is quite close to Verizon’s A1 build number from the previous month. While the carrier did not indicate upgrades for any other Pixel, Google has not yet made the factory or OTA images available for manual installation.

One reason for this delay could be if Google found a bug at the last minute that required removing the August security fix. The July stopgap, however, emerged because there was still something significant that needed to be updated.

The Android 13 Beta Program now supports the new mid-range device, and Google did release the global/unlocked and AT


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