The Android Auto 7.6 update is now widely available.

Android Auto is receiving a brand-new update from Google that brings it up to version 7.6 for all Android users.

Android Auto 7.6 is the most recent significant update to the service, coming about a month after the 7.5 update, however the exact version number tends to differ by device. The update began to be distributed last week, but as of this past weekend, it appears to have reached the majority of customers.

Modern Android smartphones typically come pre-installed with the Android Auto software, which receives updates via the Play Store rather than the operating system. The experience must run in supported automobiles even though this app doesn’t have any support for displaying a car-friendly experience on your phone’s screen. To use Android Auto over a wired or wireless connection, you must have the Android Auto app loaded and ideally current.

The platform will occasionally receive significant new features or repairs through Android Auto updates, but other times, these are more minor. A significant update would undoubtedly be indicated by a significant number bump, such as v8.0. However, 0.1 upgrades are more frequently on the modest side.

While we eagerly await Google’s upcoming redesign of Android Auto, version 7.6 doesn’t seem to bring it. Instead, it’s more likely that this update is being released to fix issues with apps, Google Assistant, and other aspects of the Android Auto interface. If we had to hazard a guess, it might also be helping to implement rapid answers, which began appearing for beta users last week.

Quick Replies might roll out more widely with Android Auto 7.6

Your Android Auto software may have already been updated by the Google Play Store automatically in the background, but you can still do so.
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